Saying Goodbye

Sometimes it is just time to move on. You have been in my life since my first memories.  You were there in my early formative years, giving me more options than I knew what to do with. You were there in my teen years, when I was sneaking around to see you when my parents […]

A Spoiler-Filled Review of Stranger Things 2

I’ve just finished Season 2 of Stranger Things and loved it! Overall, I feel like it stood up very well to the first season, without much or any drop off at all in terms of storytelling and atmosphere. They continued to nail the perfect 80s Spielberg/Stephen King/horror vibe, while still capturing the coming-of-age angle.  Below […]

Pop Culture Catch-All

The last few weeks I’ve been able to ingest a few great tv shows, albums, movie previews, and songs, so I thought I would share my thoughts. The lastest album by Wolf Alice, Visions of a Life, is pretty good.  I’ve never listened to them until this album, but a review in Rolling Stone piqued […]

My Grandma

2009, when Katie and I went to tell Grandma and Daddy Sam she was pregnant My grandmother passed away on Friday, September 29th.  She had been in poor health for awhile but took a turn for the worse in the last week. I was able to see her one last time before she passed, so […]

Rock and Roll Resume: Looks That Kill

To Whom it May Concern, I am inquiring about the available position that you are offering. I am excited about this opportunity and hope that you will invite me for an interview . While I would rather not give my name, I can tell you I am a female.  I believe I have many qualifications which […]

Eclipse Tips

As you know by now, on August 21st, an eclipse will occur.  This has been in the news a lot lately and with so much wrong information and hysteria out there, I wanted to clear up a few things. An eclipse occurs when Jupiter passes in front of the sun, temporarily halting all light, warmth, […]

A Spoiler Free Reaction to Dunkirk

I admit I don’t get out to the movies as often as I would like.  I typically see hit movies several months later, once they come out on DVD. But sometimes a movie comes out that receives such universal acclaim that I just have to see it. Dunkirk fits into that category. I was not […]