So I Say

I was flipping through the channels recently when I got sucked into a romantic comedy that I had seen before. Which movie it was isn’t important (although I will say I think it is one of the smarter ones)-it represented all the movies that I would watch with morbid curiosity when I was single and the […]

A Spoiler Free Reaction to S-Town

I have not traveled much in my lifetime (or not nearly as much as I’d like).  Outside of the U.S., I’ve been to the Dominican Republic, Rome, and London. As far as states go, I’ve been to 18, not counting my home state of Georgia. So I am enthralled by places that are completely different than […]

A Spoiler-free Reaction to Manchester By the Sea

So I’m on Spring Break and on my own at my house for a couple of days. I visit Redbox and decide to rent Manchester By the Sea, one of those Oscar contenders for Best Picture I wanted to see when it came out but that was a casualty of being busy with work and […]

Opening Pandora’s Box: Parent Edition

Being a father of two young girls (7 and 3/almost 4), there are many teaching moments in my household.  Over the years, some of these lessons have included why we don’t put roast beef in our armpits, not going in the front yard naked, and not putting stamps on the foreheads of newborns.  However, there […]

Brushes with Celebrities

I can’t say I’ve had many celebrity encounters in my lifetime, but it always fascinates me to be close to someone that is famous. They exist in this other world that we mortals cannot penetrate, so it is jarring when our worlds collide and we realize that they do breathe oxygen and walk on 2 […]

Licking Super Bowl Wounds

So it’s been a few days and I am feeling a little better. Still, there is no joy in Mudville. There is nothing that can be done to erase the monstrosity that was/is Super Bowl 51.  If we thought that the Kirby Puckett homer in 1991 was a shot to the heart, then this was that same […]

2 poems

hypochondriac   alien substance diseased in silence grow and devour even in imagination is there mourning in daydreams? catastrophe in wisps of thought it’s death in installments infection by intellect a meaningless fearful embrace that chews through a mind unhealthier than the body.   22   do you check the date or does it pass? […]