Eclipse Tips

As you know by now, on August 21st, an eclipse will occur.  This has been in the news a lot lately and with so much wrong information and hysteria out there, I wanted to clear up a few things. An eclipse occurs when Jupiter passes in front of the sun, temporarily halting all light, warmth, […]

A Spoiler Free Reaction to Dunkirk

I admit I don’t get out to the movies as often as I would like.  I typically see hit movies several months later, once they come out on DVD. But sometimes a movie comes out that receives such universal acclaim that I just have to see it. Dunkirk fits into that category. I was not […]

20 Years of OK Computer

Ok Computer came out in the summer of 1997 and while it is anything but a summer album, it has endured as the classic it was recognized as back then.  There is a new 20th anniversary edition of the album out (with a few unreleased b-sides, including the excellent “Man of War”-other bands would kill […]


I recently turned 40, and I find that I continue to be fascinated by time and its effects. Not in a mid-life crisis, Falling Down kind of way.  Rather an introspective yet accepting way. For example, it seems odd to me that there are things that happen to us when we are at an age that […]

Suggestions for Disney World

My family and I recently went on our second family trip to Disney World.  Going with a 7 year old and 4 year old put us right square in their target demographic, and we had a great time at all the different parks we visited. However, with this being my 5th time overall going, I […]

Chris Cornell

Around 5:30am Thursday morning I logged on to Facebook only to utter a “No!” in my silent house, while my family slept.  That’s when I saw the news that Chris Cornell had passed away. Disbelief washed over me as the news that one of the Mount Rushmore musicians of my teenage years was gone. For some, the […]