On creativity, inspiration, and meaning/worth

I’m fascinated by the creative process.  I love reading about how artists make the art that I enjoy: the inspiration, the process of creating, all of it.  I love little anecdotes like how Paul McCartney woke up with the melody to “Yesterday” in his head, and was convinced he had borrowed it from someone. Then […]

Lasers and Eyes: A Love Story

I am writing this post LASIK procedure. LASIK should stand for “Laser Awesome Sight In, Kid” (that might be influenced by how much Run the Jewels I’ve been listening to recently). I had just grown tired of the daily glasses/contacts routine. It worked for me for awhile but recently my eyes had started to rebel. […]

Bon Jovi and the Rough Life of a 3rd Grader

The recent induction of Bon Jovi into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (which I’m not sure I entirely agree with, but that’s another topic) got me thinking about their music.  When Slippery When Wet came out, like most kids my age, the cassette was played until the side was over, then flipped, played […]

Me vs the Mosquito

Confrontation can arrive when you least expect it. A couple of nights ago I was reading in bed, trying to relax and get ready to sleep, when it happened.  I saw something move out of the corner of my eye and there it was-a mosquito.  A few minutes with the door open and it infiltrated […]

My Vitriol

  A big thanks to Spotify for telling me about My Vitriol.  Their song “Always: Your Way” was in my Discover Weekly playlist and I liked it, and decided to check out the album it was on, Flatlines. I can’t believe how good this album is. It is not perfect but the songs that are […]