Suggestions for Disney World

My family and I recently went on our second family trip to Disney World.  Going with a 7 year old and 4 year old put us right square in their target demographic, and we had a great time at all the different parks we visited. However, with this being my 5th time overall going, I feel pretty confident in making some suggestions for ol’ Walt’s fabled land of happiness.

*create a new area: “Air Conditioning Land”. Charge money for it and you will be able to expand to create Walt Disney Universe. Only one day of our trip was scorching, but I would have thrown Mickey off the top of Cinderella’s castle in exchange for more time in AC.

*form the W.I.T. (Wardrobe Intervention Team).  This covert and highly skilled group of awkward clothing assassins would roam the parks in search of people who clearly cannot make sound, responsible, and appropriate clothing choices for themselves.  Armed with their Spandex Shredder (patent pending), concealer for ill-advised tattoos (not clothing but still problematic), and sleeve/short extenders, this team serves a vital purpose in ensuring that all guests have a pleasant visit, with as little disgust as possible.

*How about addressing what so many people have already pointed out-if you are a parent in a Disney movie, you are probably going to die.  So this could be used as a teachable moment with the new Disney Graveyard!  Visit the resting places of Bambi’s mom, Mufasa, and Anna and Elsa’s parents (in the funtastic water section!).

*To provide entertainment while people wait in line to meet princesses, have another person dressed up as the same princess to suddenly emerge and spark a confrontation. Once it becomes physical, kids and adults can cheer for whoever they think is the “real” Rapunzel (this could spinoff into a Disney Gambling program).

These are just a few of my ideas. I plan on speaking to a representative about them, even if that means screaming at them from outside the entry gate because I don’t actually have a ticket.



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