If I Was in Charge of the Star Wars Prequels


I recently was sucked into watching Episode 2, Attack of the Clones, and was reminded of all that is awful about the prequels.  While the excitement and anticipation leading up to Episode 1 was almost worth it just by itself, the ultimate let down of each movie was enough to make me overall disillusioned with the prequel trilogy. While Revenge of the Sith was the best of the bunch, in a way I think that is like trying to decide who the best player on the 2008 (0-16) Detroit Lions was. There may have been good things here and there but the end result was still atrocious.

I do want to say that I am forever appreciative of George Lucas for giving us Star Wars in the first place.  My love for the original trilogy is not diminished by my disappointment with the prequels.

So while this is not a new topic (I’ve had several discussions like this with friends who are big Star Wars fans), here is a list of things I would change if I could about the prequels. I have no problem if in 15-20 years Disney decides to do a re-imagining of the prequels, with different directors and a totally different story. Actually, I might even be fine with the existing story as long as George Lucas has nothing to do with any of the dialogue and the creature/character designs are completely re-thought (ie-no horrible ethnic accents or obvious puppetry).

If I were in charge of the prequels:

  • No George Lucas written script (look no further than “I don’t like sand“)
  • No Darth Sidious early on, who was obviously Palpatine (“Hey, Clark Kent looks nothing like Superman, cause Clark wears glasses”)
  • Less CGI
  • No Naboo, Jar Jar, Watto, Trade Federation, Gungans, General Greivous
  • more Darth Maul (keep him until Episode 2 or 3)
  • Qui Gon dying in 2nd one (would mean more if he’s been a bigger part of the trilogy)
  • better Sith than Count Dooku (“Hey, people haven’t seen many Sith Lords, so lets make one that is 85 years old!”
  • a different reason for Anakin’s fall than his mother’s death/ fear of Padme’s death
  • less of a focus on appealing to little kids (the original trilogy didn’t have so much slapstick comedy)
  • Not making Anakin so young in Episode 1, to avoid the potential problem of a child actor carrying the movie
  • keep the podrace (could be cool if done correctly)
  • no droid army
  • no Anakin accidentally destroying the Federation Droid Control Ship
  • No Jango Fett being the basis for the clone army (and maybe no Jango at all)
  • something more substantial to show Anakin beginning to turn to the Dark Side than killing Tusken Raiders
  • Senate/political plotline improved with better writing
  • No Yoda lightsaber battles
  • not such a quick turn to the dark side
  • not naming him Darth Vader so quickly
  • more dramatic killings of Jedi during Order 66 (the one of the of the female Jedi on the flower planet falling down after being shot is laughable )
  • not having the fight between Obi Wan and Anakin involve surfing on lava
  • get rid of the “Nooooo” by Vader



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