So I Say

I was flipping through the channels recently when I got sucked into a romantic comedy that I had seen before. Which movie it was isn’t important (although I will say I think it is one of the smarter ones)-it represented all the movies that I would watch with morbid curiosity when I was single and the prospects were not great, in that netherworld that is post-college and early career.  I don’t miss that time but watching this movie took me back to that period of my life.  It almost made me nostalgic for that time. Almost.

So I Say


That old haunt

A destination evoked by scenes

played out on TV

No wish to return

but homesick all over

A bliss no one misses

All ignorance

And an ache too displayed

to seize another day

It already claimed too many.

So I say

A false mirror still reflects

Some sort of truth

Some form of youth

Some old cocoon too tired to hold

the hurt.



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