A Spoiler-free Reaction to Manchester By the Sea


So I’m on Spring Break and on my own at my house for a couple of days. I visit Redbox and decide to rent Manchester By the Sea, one of those Oscar contenders for Best Picture I wanted to see when it came out but that was a casualty of being busy with work and married with young kids.  I can’t imagine what it’s like for parents of multiples (“Hey, anyone heard of this movie called No Country for Old Men? It’s awesome!”).

I had heard Manchester By the Sea was a depressing movie. But man…I won’t give any spoilers, but for those of you who have seen it, you will know what I mean when I say that when the moment of revelation came, it suckerpunched me. Maybe it’s the season of life I am in now. Maybe it was the slow burn of the first part of the movie (which I’ll admit felt really slow until the plot advanced). Whatever the reason, the gut wrenching way the bottom falls out almost made me feel nauseous. The actors convey the emptiness perfectly. And I appreciate how the director kept things as real as possible. Sometimes there is no pretty solution. Sometimes things just are.

So it’s not exactly the feel good hit of the last few months. But I highly recommend it.


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