If Song Titles Had Different Punctuation

Run DMC-You Can’t Rock It Like This. (I don’t believe in your rocking abilities)

Travis-I Know Why it Always Rains On Me. (and also what you did last summer)

Jimi Hendriz-You Are Not Experienced.(No, you did not get the job)

Men at Work-I’m Not Sure Who It Is Now.(Don’t make any noise and they’ll go away)

Carole King-You Will Still Love Me Tomorrow. (Is that a threat?)

The Beach Boys-You Don’t Want To Dance. (Trust me)

Alice in Chains-Would! (Cause exclamation points really fit the Seattle scene!)

Schoolhouse Rock-Interjections? (Sure, if you are offering)

The Supremes-Stop? In The Name of Love? (Half-hearted romantic arrest)

The Wonders-That Thing You Do? (It’s really annoying? So can you please stop?)

Black Eyed Peas-I Don’t Know Where The Love Is. (It will turn up eventually)

Creedence Clearwater Revival-I Have Never Seen The Rain. (An odd admission)

The Cure-I Don’t Know Why You Can’t Be Me. (Discussion with a stalker)

R.E.M.-Kenneth, I Know The Frequency. (Execute Order 66)







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