This is my second stab at a blog. You can check out the first one at randomramblingsblog.wordpress.com, but please forgive how some images are no longer on the site. The idea with the old one was to continue a newspaper column I started over a decade ago at the first school I worked at. It gave me an outlet for my creativity and another reason for the kids to look at me like I was/am weird. However, it became a bit of an albatross. I would feel guilty when I didn’t write entries. Eventually the writing was happening less and less, until half a year might go by before I wrote something. My creativity was stifled. About 4 years ago, I all but abandoned it.

Flash forward to the last month. The urge to create, to write, kept lingering around. “This will pass”, I thought. Except it didn’t. I was largely inspired by some new music I was listening to (by Ryan Adams, if you are interested) but mostly I just think I have enough space in my life now where my creative  side started poking its head out again. I embraced it and started writing poetry in bursts for the first time in about 13 years. Some faucet had been turned on and I let it flow.

So as I kept churning out poetry, I started thinking about how different I wanted this blog to be from the last one. For one, I didn’t want to hide behind a persona. That was entertaining for awhile, but now I’d much rather just write as myself. So this one might be a little more personal. Not necessarily confessional, but personal, if that makes sense. Along those lines, I figured I’d share poetry on this one. This is in some ways a little narcissitic, because people post things online cause they want them to be noticed, liked, etc. So I’ll admit to the ego part of it. But I also just want to share what I create, in the hopes that someone else will enjoy it, get something out of it, relate to it, etc. So if it makes some people feel awkward that an almost 40 years is posting poetry online but others enjoy it, so be it. In some ways, it’s just the modern version of when 20+ years ago I posted poetry on the bulletin board in my favorite LA teacher’s room, so that people could write their comments on post-it notes and share their thoughts. So thanks for that original opportunity, Vicky Guy. Here’s to the same idea being worthwhile in the modern age.

So the plan is to write about whatever I want about. Some things from the original blog will still be fair game: music (because I can’t avoid it), movies, tv, and pop culture in general. But if I want to write about friends and family, I will. If I want to post poetry and/or short stories, I will. And I won’t get caught up in the barbwire of how often I post, because however often I do will be just fine. Some writing is better than no writing-it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

There are my intentions, lain bare. Oh, and about the title: one of my favorite activities when I was younger (much younger) was to make mixtapes.  For those that know, back when cassettes roamed the earth, mixtapes were an amazing way to share music that you enjoyed with others, whether the whole tape had a theme or was just a beautifully random collection of songs you loved. The book Hi-Fidelity, one of my favorites, goes into great detail about the art of the mixtape (and as I write this paragraph, this topic might end up being its own blog post one day). So just like a mixtape brings together disparate songs to make one cohesive unit, I hope that the various interests and subjects I will write about in this blog will reflect different things that come together to make me who I am.

For those who will go on the journey with me, thanks for reading!


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