Me vs the Mosquito

Confrontation can arrive when you least expect it. A couple of nights ago I was reading in bed, trying to relax and get ready to sleep, when it happened.  I saw something move out of the corner of my eye and there it was-a mosquito.  A few minutes with the door open and it infiltrated […]

My Vitriol

  A big thanks to Spotify for telling me about My Vitriol.  Their song “Always: Your Way” was in my Discover Weekly playlist and I liked it, and decided to check out the album it was on, Flatlines. I can’t believe how good this album is. It is not perfect but the songs that are […]

Reasons I Love New Music

Stumbling on new music is one of my favorite things, whether it is from a friend’s recommendation or (like recently), Spotify’s Discover feature.  So here are the things I love about new music: I love hearing a new song and immediately hoping that the album is as good as the song is. I love listening […]

A Spoiler-Free Reaction to The Leftovers

Damon Lindelof roped me in. He was a showrunner for one of my favorite shows of all time, LOST. So when I heard in 2014 he was part of a new HBO show, I was instantly intrigued.  However, I did not have HBO, so I was resigned to eventually watching it, whenever I would have […]

Saying Goodbye

Sometimes it is just time to move on. You have been in my life since my first memories.  You were there in my early formative years, giving me more options than I knew what to do with. You were there in my teen years, when I was sneaking around to see you when my parents […]

A Spoiler-Filled Review of Stranger Things 2

I’ve just finished Season 2 of Stranger Things and loved it! Overall, I feel like it stood up very well to the first season, without much or any drop off at all in terms of storytelling and atmosphere. They continued to nail the perfect 80s Spielberg/Stephen King/horror vibe, while still capturing the coming-of-age angle.  Below […]